An Ideal Setting for Study and Play

We are incredibly blessed to be located in an idyllic rural area right next to a small working farm on Bainbridge Island. This magical setting plays such an important role in our school experience and in the lives of our teachers and students. Children have plenty of space to run and play (we have some pretty epic ‘capture the flag’ battles), and connect with nature and the surrounding farm animals. It also provides a peaceful backdrop that is conducive to focused study and reflection.

Matoso Jan 13 2016 58577
Matoso Jan 13 2016 58572
Matoso Jan 13 2016 58573
Matoso Jan 13 2016 58590
Matoso  Aug 31 2015 3578
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Matoso Jan 13 2016 58586

Carden - Winter Wonderland

Winter Snowy Circle At Carden Sm


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