Wednesday After School Science Club

Posted on October 06, 2016

Students in grades 1 - 4 experience fun, hands on science every Wednesday after school from 3:10-4:00. Creating positive attitudes towards science and inquiry are the goals. By keeping the labs fun and low pressure, students have the freedom to know that it doesn't have to be right, just fun and engaging. 

During the first four-week session, students explore buoyancy and liquid density. They come away with an understanding that certain liquids float on top of others based on their relative densities. They make and take a density tower and then use that knowledge in the following weeks to design a "ship" that will not only float, but will carry treasure as well. They further test their knowledge by designing the fastest ship. 

The next four-week session has Dr. Erica bringing the squishy circuits lab to students! Students will not only learn about squishy circuits, but also see some legitimate electrical engineering circuits that they can understand!

Click on the Attachment Science Club 2 below to see the Science Club in action. 

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