Posted on July 16, 2022
Carden Tree With Children

July, 2022

Dear Friends,

Carden Country School is a small K-8 interdenominational Christian school, offering a traditional Christian education located in an idyllic rural setting near Gazzam Lake. 

We offer a truly unique educational approach and student experience that is centered around the development of mind, heart and character. Carden’s exceptional academic results, focus on spiritual and character development, and our small-scale quiet farm setting set it apart from other schools in the area.  

We believe that providing students with a solid academic foundation is only part of the story when it comes to truly educating a child. Carden Country School is a faith-based environment that nurtures students to become spiritually minded, socially balanced and equipped to make a positive impact in their community. We do this through our daily actions, prayer, service, and the teachings of our ‘Standards for Living and Learning’ — a set of core values that instill the time-honored principles of courtesy, respect, responsibility and love. Our goal is to help students establish good habits and provide them with a strong moral compass that they can carry throughout their lives. 

“The most important lesson at the Carden Country School is to come to know and love God more and more each day, so we learn excellent academic skills which help us to come to know and love God and to serve Him when our time comes.” 

We believe that God loves variety, (we are an inter-denominational school, not a non-denominational school,) and that he made each of us unique and different for a reason. We believe that we glorify God when we use the skills and attributes he gave us so that we can seek and serve Him; therefore, we strive for excellent academic results. We hold an unfailing belief that if you ask excellence of students, they will rise to the challenge. Our academic approach is centered around the highly-successful Carden Method ®, a carefully-sequenced curriculum and gradual, step-by-step approach that helps build confidence and allows each child to realize his potential. This orderly, consistent approach combined with our very small group instruction, facilitates learning and provides our students with an exceptional academic foundation. 

Our core staff is made up of dedicated Christians who are committed to teaching children to know and love God more and more, and to help their students to fully develop the intellectual, interpersonal, academic, artistic and athletic gifts God has given them so that they might glorify God in their own way and time. By the end of 2022, our six core staff had an average of 16+ years teaching with us and the Carden curriculum and method. 

For the past 25 years, the school has been located on about 2 acres next to a working farm on a very quiet rural residential road on the mid-south end of Bainbridge Island near Gazzam Lake.

The School is seeking a new home beginning during the summer of 2023, and thus we would like to introduce ourselves to you and request that we enter further discussions regarding a new space. 


Our in-class full-school hours run from the Tuesday after Labor Day through the first Friday in June from 8am-3pm. We would need additional access to the shared space several times throughout the year. 

  1. Staff and logistical preparation and set up outside of those days and hours: a week or two before and after the start and end of school and an hour or two each school day. 

  2. Summer School for 2-5 weeks in the mornings, 9-noon, sometime during August (sometimes beginning late-July) 

  3. 2-5 evening events, such as whole school Parent meetings at the beginning of the year and 2-3 Open House events. 

  4. We would hope to continue our use of the sanctuary 1-2 times each year for school Celebrations of song, Scripture, and poetry: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Spring Sing. 

Documents and Links to help you get to know us: 

In our physical packet, we include several physical documents for your review: 

  1. A summary of the Carden Philosophy and Method of Education

  2. A more detailed explanation of the our Philosophy, Method & History

  3. Our Carden Standards for Living and Learning

  4. Our Academic Calendar for 2022-2023 

  5. Carden Handbook for Parents and Students

  6. Carden Country School Brochure

  7. Recent Carden Yearbook 

In addition, and for those online, we offer these further links: 

  1. Carden Country School Website

  2. Carden Country School on Facebook

  3. Carden Country School on YouTube

  4. Carden Mission and Standards for Living and Learning

  5. Carden Philosophy And Method (Condensed)

  6. Carden Country School Curriculum Method and Philosophy Including Carden Hall

  7. History Of Miss Carden and Her School Including Who Is Mae Carden

  8. 2022-2023 Carden Academic Calendar

  9. 2023-2024 Carden Academic Calendar DRAFT!

We look forward to working with you to see if we might find a way to further your and our missions. Please contact us to follow up and or with any questions or concerns. 

In Hope and Gratitude,

Mrs. Stephanie Rohl     Mr. Christopher Harvey      Jonathan & Ashley Glover
Director                         Headmaster                        Carden Parents
                                      Middle School Teacher

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