Distance Learning, Week 2

Posted on March 27, 2020

Even though our CAMPUS is closed, our SCHOOL is OPEN and LEARNING! We have successfully completed our second week of distance learning, and although nothing can replicate a Carden teaching table, our students, parents and staff are find a way to continue our students' work. 

May we continue to pray for our students, parents and staff, in thanksgiving for our own health, safety and security, but also for the sick, the frightened, and the angry, as well as for nurses, doctors, caregivers and first responders who are working to keep us safe, and for store clerks and delivery drivers who keep us provisioned so we can do our duty by staying home.  

Although we are separate physically, may we continue to seek community in the Spirit.  Give your mother a hug and tell her you love her. WASH YOUR HANDS! 

Our CAMPUS may be closed, but our SCHOOL is OPEN!