Another Fall of Carden Covid Safety

Posted on August 15, 2021

God blessed us last year in keeping us safe and healthy from Covid.  We have faith in the upcoming year as well.

We encourage our Carden community to be extra vigilant and careful during the weeks leading up to the return to school, including limiting travel, limiting exposure to those outside of your immediate family, and taking the prescribed precautions to remain safe and healthy. We trust and expect our Carden community to help keep everyone safe, thereby keeping our Carden Country School doors open. 

Please review the attached Carden COVID Policy document. The short story is: masks indoors, open windows, morning parking lot screenings, along with outdoor Morning Opening remain with us until further notice.  There are a few small tweaks in our school policy based on last year’s experience and some updated guidance regarding close contacts and quarantines, but there are no major changes.  Of course, if government authorities order us to distance learning, we will make that change as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. Please continue to pray for the health and safety of our world and for our community.