At the Carden Country School, we strive to keep tuition very affordable, and we are almost always the most affordable non-public option in our area.  For the 2018-19 school year, total cost will be approximately $9,700.00, depending on grade level.  We understand that private school is an added and significant expense for most families, but years of Carden parents testify to its value.  We ask for a spring deposit, a late summer curriculum and supplies fee, and offer early payment and large family discounts.  We have a very few, very limited, financial aid grants available.

For more details, contact our Bookkeeper, Mrs. Kelly Gallivan, at

Tuition Schedule Effective 8/1/2018

Tuition ScheduleLower School JP - 4th GradeUpper School 5th - 8th Grade
Annual Tuition
$8,610.00 $8,967.00
Monthly Payment
(Due by 1st of each month Sept. - June) (Prior year's February deposit is fully creditable against June payment.)
861.00 896.70
Single Annual Payment
(Due Sept. 1st at a 3% discount)
8,351.70 8,698.00
Curriculum Fee
(Due by Aug. 1st)
861.00 896.00
Registration/Testing Fee
(New Applicants only)
100.00 100.00
Tuition Deposit
(Due within 2 weeks of acceptance (new) or by March 15th of previous academic year (returning)
861.00 896.00
One Time Middle School Technology Fee
(Due by Aug. 1st before entering 7th grade)
N/A 200.00